Dont Hit The Sharp
Dont Hit The Sharp
Dont Hit The Sharp

Dont Hit The Sharp

Explore the dangerous journey of Dont Hit The Sharp! Your task in this game is to get the ball to avoid spikes while climbing a vertical path.

To send your ball flying high, tap the screen; however, be wary of jagged edges that may appear on the sides! Prevent an annoying pop-up by accurately timing your clicks in Dont Hit The Sharp. As you climb, the stakes get higher, your score gets higher, and your heart rate gets faster. Your score is proportional to the amount of time you can survive. It's important to time your taps correctly, if you slow down for even a second, it could be game over. Can you soar to new heights?

Tips and Tricks

  • Learning to tap at the right tempo is the key to success.
  • Achieve perfect timing by carefully observing the pattern of spikes appearing.
  • Practice makes perfect, so make sure to maintain a steady pace.

How To Play

  • Tap the screen to make the ball bounce upward without touching any edges.

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