Auto Diggers
Auto Diggers
Auto Diggers

Auto Diggers

In the game Auto Diggers, players are immersed in an underground adventure and the goal is to accumulate as many spiked excavators as possible. The game combines sandbox exploration, resource management, and engaging gameplay features in a way that no other game does.

The game has several different levels, each with its own boss that the player must overcome. Use all your abilities and plans to defeat bosses and formidable enemies. By using resources, players have the ability to enhance their miners, making them stronger and larger. These miners will then automatically dig underground, reaching new levels and collecting materials along the way. Additionally, they have the ability to use resources to unlock additional types of miners, each with their own set of abilities. Players will advance to the next level after defeating the boss, at which point they will face much more difficult obstacles. Good luck in this interesting game!


  • The game is simple but attractive.
  • New types of excavators can be unlocked.
  • Multiple excavator levels.

How To Play

  • Click to use miners and accumulate your points.

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