Build Your Aquarium
Build Your Aquarium
Build Your Aquarium

Build Your Aquarium

Welcome to Build Your Aquarium! This is a famous fishing game and you will serve many different customer groups with different requirements. The town's residents want to keep fish but they cannot buy any because there is no pet store. Are you ready to launch this incredible new feature?

Managing an aquarium shop is your goal in this game. To achieve success, you need to follow certain procedures. The first step is to build an aquarium. Jump into the ocean while guiding your character with the mouse. Swim in the direction of the schools of fish and maintain visual contact with them until you pull them in. Go back to the store and fill the tank with fish once you've filled the bag. If you want to meet more customers, unlock more tanks, get more types of fish, and build your business, you have to keep diving to the bottom of the ocean. Reach the pinnacle of wealth in Build Your Aquarium! Come on board with us today!


  • Beautiful colorful 3D graphics.
  • Intuitive controls with many upgrades.
  • Many different types of fish to collect and sell.

How To Play

  • Click to collect different types of fish.

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