Eating Simulator
Eating Simulator
Eating Simulator

Eating Simulator

Eating Simulator is a clicker game that tests your hunger, to become the biggest character in the area, your goal is to eat as much food as possible. Do you have the ability to be the most important of them all?

There are lots of delicious foods to eat, including pizza, sushi, burgers and fries. You can make your character's tower as tall as the city's tallest skyscrapers by increasing food intake. With every time you eat, your character will level up in this game. While the food you start with won't significantly affect your size, more powerful items will become available as you level up in the game. Remember that you will return to your tiny size if you convert all your meal points. If you want to win the battle, you need to be the stronger player when time runs out! Wishing you a delicious meal and good luck!


  • Colorful 3D graphics.
  • Intuitive controls.
  • Many delicious foods.

How To Play

  • Click on food to score points.

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