Gym Muscle Merge Tycoon
Gym Muscle Merge Tycoon
Gym Muscle Merge Tycoon

Gym Muscle Merge Tycoon

In the online game Gym Muscle Merge Tycoon, you take on the role of a gym owner who builds his team of warriors and turns them into muscle superstars. Can you win this boxing competition?

You may see an empty space with boxes on the screen. Athletes will be organized to perform many different exercises. To link them to the mouse, you need to find two identical ones. Following this approach, you can nurture an athlete who is both more developed and more motivated, which will help you get points. Link warriors to gain experience, level up, and improve their stats and abilities while earning money. You can use this money to upgrade your gym in Gym Muscle Merge Tycoon. Participate in fighting tournaments for a chance to win amazing prizes and prove yourself as the ultimate fighter!


  • The approach can be modified and selected.
  • Overcome legendary characters.
  • Unlimited level mode and challenge mode.

How To Play

  • Click to build warriors and collect coins.

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