Idle Money Tree
Idle Money Tree
Idle Money Tree

Idle Money Tree

Welcome to the exciting game Idle Money Tree! Your goal is to buy upgrades that increase your tree's earning skills and let your tree grow with better bags.

To start, hang the money bags on the tree and touch them. The multiplier effect and your coin collection both increase the more you tap. Buying improvements like watering cans, artificial sunlight, high-quality fertilizer or even fruit can increase your earning rate. Increase your profits by strengthening your plants through advanced genetic research!

Tips and Tricks

  • Finding a happy medium between exploitation and upgrading is a smart tactic.
  • Remember that upgrading will increase your income significantly, so don't just rely on mining to make money.
  • You should save early for powerful innovations like fruit and genetic research, in the long run you can make a lot of money.

How To Play

  • Click to harvest money from the tree.

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