Planetarium is an incredible planet simulation game where players can observe the interactions between planets and stars as they move through the galaxy. Explore space and learn about the inner workings of our solar system with just one click.

All of the planets and their flora can be observed as they orbit the sun, including Mars, Saturn, Venus and Jupiter. To further explore space, you can explore planets and their orbits, place asteroids and comets in their paths, and teleport planets around to observe how it changes their trajectory, among other things. Each player in the Planetarium is trying to develop their planets to suit the goal of being the first to introduce a certain elemental combination to a planet. From there, players can play cards to change the planets in many different ways. Players can use physical tokens on their playmat to play Evolution cards during the second half of their turn.


  • Beautiful realistic 3D graphics.
  • Different tools are used in simulation.
  • Freely design your unique planetary system.
  • Dynamic cameras help you freely observe your surroundings.

How To Play

  • Click to start the game.

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