Shell Shockers
Shell Shockers
Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers

Unleash absolute deggstruction with Shell Shockers! Take down other heavily armed eggs and be the last one standing in this exciting FPS game! Show off your skills as the ultimate fragile survivor with Shell Shockers! The game puts players inside a battle area along with other well-armed eggs, whose yolks will split after taking a hit! Choose from a variety of weapons with egg themes, take care not to be the target of other eggs, and try your best to emerge victorious!

Shell Shockers is set from a first-person perspective. The game takes a hilarious spin on the usual FPS games; nevertheless, it is just as thrilling and enjoyable as other multiplayer shooter games! Although there are many eggs harmed in the process, there is no scene of bloodshed for those with low tolerance for gores!

How To Play

  • Move around with the WASD keys and jump with the spacebar.
  • Left-click to shoot.
  • Hold the Shift key to aim.
  • Reload the gun with the R key.
  • Switch weapons with the E key.
  • Melee attack with the F key.
  • Launch a grenade with the Q key.