Tunnel Run
Tunnel Run
Tunnel Run

Tunnel Run

Welcome to the exciting game Tunnel Run, where you must strategically equip yourself with shields to absorb damage and navigate the treacherous path. In it, your goal is to go through an endless tunnel, pushing your limits to run as far as possible.

Prepare yourself for an exciting challenge through over 1000 levels of escalating difficulty. Run through intricate tunnels and along pipes at breakneck speeds, skillfully dodging obstacles scattered in your path. The tunnel is full of rotating and unpredictable obstacles. Collision with any of these obstacles will mean game over. As you progress, the challenges will increase, with the obstacles becoming more complex and your running speed gradually increasing. Are you ready to overcome your limits and conquer the tunnel? Start your inspiring journey now!


  • Colorful tunnel.
  • There are 3 levels to choose from.
  • 2 modes: classic and 2 players.

How To Play

  • Move left/right with arrow keys or AD key.
  • Press Space to pause or restart.

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