Watermelon merge
Watermelon merge
Watermelon merge

Watermelon merge

In the Watermelon merge adventure, you will be immersed in the fascinating world of mixing different fruits to create more special fruits. This game not only improves your cognitive abilities and ignites your competitive spirit, but also gives you entertainment.

The fruits combine together to form completely new fruit combinations. Start your adventure with small and succulent fruits, the delicate watermelon will be the pinnacle of your fruit picking journey is the goal you have set for yourself. The goal of this engaging puzzle game is to skillfully guide falling balls to a position where they will collide with their respective counterparts. Maybe matching fruits will combine to form larger fruits. It is important to note that the Watermelon merge game will end if the fruit is allowed to stack too much because the glass tube has a certain capacity that cannot be exceeded. With each merger you get points, the bigger the fruit, the more points. If the fruit falls out of the playing field, the player loses.

Tips and Tricks

  • Your score can increase significantly by careful preparation and strategic implementation.
  • Be careful to always use bigger combos because they yield more points.
  • The height of your fruit stack is important and it is imperative that you do not let it exceed the limit.

How To Play

  • Tap the screen or click the mouse to choose where you want to throw the fruit.
  • Combine two same fruits to get a new fruit.

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