Wood Cutter Santa Idle
Wood Cutter Santa Idle
Wood Cutter Santa Idle

Wood Cutter Santa Idle

Come to the magical fairy forest called Wood Cutter Santa Idle, your main task when working in the magical forest is to cut down Christmas trees. Start relaxing to best prepare for your mission!

Assist Santa in cutting down the holiday tree. Unlock miniature goblins by earning money with clicks. This will allow you to get a little elf assistant and raise Santa's ax, making your tree chopping operations more efficient. Spend your money on better equipment for Santa and his elves. Should add more strength and speed to the ax. Earning a large amount of money is important because it allows you to buy more upgrades.

Tips and Tricks

  • Get as many clicks as possible if you want to make money quickly.
  • Always try to improve your ax, whether that's by making it stronger or making it chop faster.
  • Remember that getting an Elf helper early will greatly speed up your overall progress.

How To Play

  • Tap or click to help Santa cut down the tree.

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